Why marketing consultants in Melbourne are winning globally

What that tells me about marketing consultants in Melbourne is that they take seriously the fact that businesses will be 414 percent more likely to achieve their marketing goals with a documented marketing strategy in place.

This emphasis on marketing strategy lends itself to ensuring that marketing consultants use evidence-based marketing tactics to drive better marketing outcomes for businesses.

Businesses are seeking actionable, objective insights into their marketing programs to drive better business outcomes. With so many new technologies in the Martech sector, it’s hard for SMB’s in particular to select the right tech stack for them. Marketing strategy should help SMB’s overcome this challenge and clearly define what their needs are from a marketing perspective and easily equip decision-makers with tech stack options that fit the marketing budget.

Marketing Strategy is the First Level of Engagement

Melbourne is also home to Robotic Marketer, a world-first marketing strategy technology platform that helps entrepreneurs and marketers power their marketing strategy. It is easy to use and develops a marketing strategy in minutes not months. For most marketing departments this is a lifesaver giving more time to driving marketing campaigns and tactics rather than spend a month or more developing strategy.

One of the most appealing aspects of this technology is the reporting aspect. I don’t know about you but doing weekly reports on marketing performance is not only time consuming but also something I always leave to the last minute. After beta testing the Robotic Marketer reporting functionality which is due to be released in December or January this year, I’m sold.

Robotic Marketer gives unbiased insights into marketing with in-built benchmarking and industry best practice, providing a best-in-class marketing strategy every time. It sounds too good to be true, so I suggest trying it.

Creative Branding Agencies with Marketing Consultants

Other aspects of marketing consultants in Melbourne that stand out are creativity particularly in the small business market. There is an abundance of boutique agencies that are more creative than the larger advertising and branding agencies who are restricted by corporate marketing guidelines.

Marketing Talent in Melbourne

Melbourne marketing agencies also have access to great talent with Monash University, LaTrobe University, Melbourne University and Deakin University, Victoria University and a many other marketing professional development training and development organisations as a feeder.

Image source: Ayush Jain, Unsplash

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