Keep them coming back: Creating exceptional customer experiences

Add choice & flexibility to interactions

Consumers have never had more flexibility in how they choose to interact with businesses, from deciding to shop online or in person, right down to the way they want to make purchases or the platform they use to communicate. Businesses have to be proactive & responsive when addressing the needs of their customers, and as a result, mobile phones and tablets have become an essential customer experience tool.

You can connect them to contactless card readers to process payments quickly and easily when you’re in-store , or update the next day’s opening hours in Google My Business on your way home. Being able to quickly switch between Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on your device means you have the flexibility to answer customer questions and queries in-between other tasks, not to mention updating key product and service information. If your business is using a CRM tool like Shopify or Salesforce, you can even download their free apps to manage orders and leads from your online store whilst you’re away from your desk. As more and more consumers adopt a mobile-first mindset, small businesses need to do the same in order to continue creating a flexible, seamless customer experience.


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