What Is VPS And Why Is It Good For Gaming?

The gaming world has undergone a major transformation over the last decade, with an increasing number of people across ages taking gaming seriously. Also, with a rise in the number of multiplayer games, the demand for gaming servers has been on a constant rise. 

If you have been contemplating launching a gaming server, you need to start by looking at the different types of servers available. 

While dedicated and VPS Hosting NZ are more popular as gaming servers, dedicated servers are costlier. On the other hand, a VPS Server for gaming has been gaining popularity since it offers a dedicated server-like hosting environment at an affordable price.

Most reputed providers offering NZ domain hosting and web hosting services offer VPS servers, too. To find the best VPS for game servers, make sure that you talk to the NZ VPS provider and explain your requirements. 

This will help the provider to customize a server configuration to suit your needs. In this article, we will discuss VPS servers and what makes them a good choice for gaming.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS Hosting is a web hosting service where your site or application is hosted on a virtual server. 

The host creates this by using virtualization that helps create multiple virtual servers on a physical server, each with dedicated resources, full root access, and account isolation.

VPS as a gaming server

Before we look at what makes VPS a good gaming server, let’s consider what a gaming server needs.

  1. Storage: New-age games have excellent graphics and animations. This increases the size of every frame of the game. Hence, a good gaming server needs to have huge storage. Also, in a multiplayer environment, the server needs to store the progress of each player and load it seamlessly at any time. This increases the demand for server storage.
  2. Computing Power: Since hundreds of players can access the game, including heavy graphics, audio, and even video files, the gaming server needs high computing power.
  3. Security: Modern games store a lot of personal information about players. In many games, financial details are stored, too. Hence,  gaming servers need to be able to provide a highly secure hosting environment.

How does a VPS Server score?

When you opt for a VPS Server, you can get as much storage as you need without having to pay as much as you would for a dedicated server with the same configuration. The good part is that you can increase the resources in no time. 

With full root access, you can make configuration changes based on the requirements of your game. 

Also, VPS Servers are highly secure, and if you buy a plan from a reputed provider, you can be assured of the latest security tools and measures to host your game in a safe environment. Hence, VPS for gaming is a good choice.


The independence, flexibility, and scalability of VPS servers make them perfect for hosting a game. The cost-efficiency compared to dedicated servers makes them feasible for commercial hosting of games, too. 

What’s more, you can opt for SSD VPS Hosting to get more out of your VPS and get better read/write speeds and quicker data storage, making them ideal as a VPS game server. 

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