What is the future of contributing to WordPress? 

Contributing to WordPress

The success of the WordPress ecosystem can be largely attributed to its open-source and advocating community contributions. There are numerous ways to contribute to WordPress through accessibility, translation, and testing. But not everything in WordPress is an accountable contribution to the project itself.

Josepha Haden-Chomphosy is the executive director of the WordPress project, and she joined us a few months ago for a GoDaddy Pro Meetup. Together with members of the WordPress Community Davinder Singh Kainth founder of WP Weekly and Abha Thakor founder of Non-Stop News, we discuss individual contributions, current and future contributors, and how to help with the growth and sustainability of the project.

If you don’t have time to watch the full recording or read the full transcript here are the key moments and what you need to know.

  • The majority of Make WordPress contribution teams are not actually developers. Bringing in new contributors is the biggest thing on Josepha’s mind.
  • Davinder has thoughts on what he believes contribution is and how to make it inclusive to those who aren’t web developers.
  • Abha knows that the contributions towards WordPress aren’t just for developers and includes all areas, from training to community and marketing.
  • Josepha’s thoughts on contributing to WordPress: “There are a few specific things that you can get in return for your contributions, and a lot of them have to do with increasing your skill sets, frankly, so you can get better skills around whatever it is that you’re contributing to.” This was also the view of Davinder and Abha
  • Josepha is always looking for ways to unite the diverse areas of WordPress voices.
  • Davinder appreciates that WordPress is not just US focused but bringing global members together. Abha also shares this view and loves that WordPress unifies and brings various international talent together to collaborate.
  • The thoughts on badges seem to be that even if you aren’t recognized with a badge doesn’t mean your contributions and intentions for the greater good of WordPress isn’t there.
  • Josepha believes anyone who contributes to WordPress no matter how big or small deserves thanks and recognition.
  • Empowering people in WordPress is a goal and something that Josepha appreciates as being able to help lead and teach people within WordPress. Something she feels is a dream come true.

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