Apart from the Web and Domain Hosting in Singapore, crafting a user-friendly and intuitively designed website is essential for growth in this online world. 

When it comes to designing a website, the best web design company in Singapore leverages consistent rules and principles to engage and retain visitors. 

Through appealing design, seamless navigation, and compelling content, websites can transform into lucrative assets for businesses. 

However, to create a compelling website design in Singapore, you must know some simple hacks. So what are those hacks? To know this, keep reading this article.

Web Design Hacks You Must Know as a Proficient Web Designer

  1. HTML5 Form Validation
  • Use the pattern attribute for form validation.
  • Improve user experience by invalidating incorrect inputs.
  1. Page Load Optimisation
  • Prioritise above-the-fold assets for quicker loading.
  • Consider Google PageRank, which factors in initial load times.
  • Suggestions
  1. Inline CSS for faster rendering.
  2. Minimise external files for page elements.
  3. Optimise CSS media types and queries.
  4. Rearrange HTML sections for optimal loading.
  5. Embed font data for quicker loading.
  6. Utilise Gzip compression in HTML5.
  7. Consider dispatching a .zip file instead of index.html.
  8. Apply Conversion Optimisation
  • Combine design skills with conversion rate optimisation (CRO).
  • CRO tools provide insights into design impact on brand performance.
  • Offers financial benefits and turns clients into long-term earners.
  • Businesses seek CRO for improved website performance and bottom-line impact.
  1. Understanding How People Read Websites
  • Follow the “F Pattern” based on eye-tracking studies.
  • Place essential items at the top, middle, and left for user engagement.
  • Use appealing designs to retain user interest.
  1. Typography Consistency
    • Maintain uniformity in font styles, sizes, and spacing.
    • Create a universal style guide for text across the website.
    • Utilise tools like Webflow’s style manager for efficient text management.
  2. HTML5 Local Storage
  • Reduce bandwidth usage by using HTML5 local storage.
  • An alternative to resource-intensive cookies.
  1. Text Wrapping Around Images
  • Utilise SVGs and CSS shapes outside for flexible text wrapping.
  • It is no longer limited to rectangular images.
  1. Diversity and Inclusion
    • Represent diverse backgrounds in photography and illustrations.
    • Use tools like Humans for inclusive character illustrations.
  2. Define Your Design Identity
    • Identify your design specialities and interests.
    • Have a unique design voice and aesthetic.
    • Specialise in areas that align with personal preferences.
  3. Consider White Space in Layout
  • Embrace white space to emphasise essential content.
  • Less clutter enhances user focus and guides the eye.
  • White space can be any colour and serves various design purposes.
  1. Choose Trendy Intrinsic Design
  • Intrinsic design combines fixed and flexible elements.
  • Allows fluid changes in images, columns, and rows based on screen size.
  • Ensures a consistent and appealing layout on different devices.
  1. Native CSS Animations
  • CSS3 allows inline animation of SVG without JavaScript.
  • Use the @keyframes rule for simple animations.
  1. Error Messages for Broken Image Loading
  • Display informative error messages when images fail to load.
  • Avoid outdated, broken image icons.
  1. Responsive Design
    • Prioritise a consistent user experience across devices.
    • Focus on UI/UX improvements rather than complex animations.
    • Learn responsive design principles for accessibility.

Wrapping Up

Along with the core principle of creating a web design in Singapore, knowing the hacks will reap you the maximum benefits. 

It will help you to enhance the website speed, performance, user engagement and experience. 

Remember, a good website design can bring you the benefit of online success and revenue in the vast online world. 

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