The Top 5 B2B Video Trends for 2022

ByFrancoise Ardion

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May 5, 2022·15 min read

We’ve rounded up the five video trends that innovative B2B businesses are embracing in the year ahead. (Hint: It includes expanding to new departments and use cases.)

In the last few years, nearly every aspect of modern business has gone through a digital transformation. In 2020, chaos ensued as organizations abruptly pivoted to a digital-first world. In 2021, the smartest companies got more intentional about crafting digital-first strategies, realizing these changes would become entrenched for years to come. In 2022, front-runners will continue to expand their digital-first strategies, while many later adopters will jump aboard by following video trends.

We’ve witnessed many industry evolutions and passing fads, but few opportunities have felt as significant as the one ahead of us. In this article, we’re sharing our top five predictions for how video will evolve in 2022, including more video across the entire customer lifecycle, video as a core piece of the HR toolkit, and shifting customer preferences from ultra-polished to off-the-cuff.

Smart businesses have a unique opportunity to seize these trends in early 2022 to win over competitors this year and beyond.

  1. Contents
  2. 1. Video Trend #1: Sales Videos Expand Further Down the Funnel
  3. 1.1 How to Take Advantage of Video Trend #1
  4. 1.1.1 Create Personalized Videos for Different Members of the Buying Committee
  5. 1.1.2 “Show Instead of Tell” with Short Demos through the Buying Process
  6. 1.2 Innovators Leading the Charge With Video Trends
  7. 2. Video Trend #2: Post-Sale Teams Embrace Video
  8. 2.1 How to Take Advantage of Video Trend #2
  9. 2.1.1 Use Video for Post-Sale Support and Feature Announcements
  10. 2.1.2 Use Video for Relationship-Building
  11. 2.2 Innovators Leading the Charge With Video Trends
  12. 3. Video Trend #3: HR Embraces Asynchronous Video
  13. 3.1 How to Take Advantage of Video Trend #3
  14. 3.1.1 Onboard with an On-Demand Library
  15. 3.1.2 Use Asynchronous Video Throughout the Interview Process
  16. 3.1.3 Foster a Strong Company Culture with Video Updates from Key Executives
  17. 3.2 Innovators Leading the Charge With Video Trends
  18. 4. Video Trend #4: Customers Prefer Authenticity Over Production Value
  19. 4.1 How to Take Advantage of Video Trend #4
  20. 4.1.1 Balance Authenticity With Light Preparation
  21. 4.1.2 Determine Your Brand Voice
  22. 4.1.3 Incorporate Visuals to Represent Key Ideas
  23. 4.2 Innovators Leading the Charge With Video Trends
  24. 5. Video Trend 5: Event Recordings Are No Longer Treated as an Afterthought
  25. 5.1 How to Take Advantage of Video Trend #5
  26. 5.1.1 Include Jump Links, Title Cards, and Lower Thirds in Your Videos
  27. 5.1.2 Keep Promoting Your Webinar After the Live Event
  28. 5.1.3 Include CTAs to Relevant Content in the Description
  29. 5.2 Innovators Leading the Charge With Video Trends
  30. 6. Bonus Video Trends: Metaverse and Web3
  31. 7. Will You Be One of Next Year’s “Innovators Ahead of the Curve”?

Table of Contents

Video Trend #1: Sales Videos Expand Further Down the Funnel

Many of today’s highest-performing sales reps have caught on—especially in B2B SaaS—that video for outbound prospecting works beautifully. In fact, 43% of companies have reported using video for sales in 2021. Sales videos can be a powerful way to grab a moment of a prospect’s time and stand out in an inbox stuffed with text-based emails. But in 2022, video is no longer just about getting prospects’ attention. It’s about a more meaningful way to answer their questions, show rather than just tell, and foster the relationships that sales and marketing teams fight so hard to get.

Video is one of the most flexible tools in the sales arsenal—and the highest-performing sales reps are increasingly using it at multiple points throughout the sales process to deliver an exceptionally smooth buyer’s journey. By leveraging video throughout the entire sales cycle, sales reps can educate leads faster and more effectively to ultimately close more deals—and build meaningful relationships that will last for years to come.

How to Take Advantage of Video Trend #1

1. Create Personalized Videos for Different Members of the Buying Committee

While sales reps may justifiably be spending most of their time and energy with deal champions and budget holders, there are often key influencers in the background (IT, procurement, legal) who can still exercise considerable influence in the sales cycle. While you may not speak as much with them during calls, why not create a personalized video tailored to answer their concerns? By handling their objections, you can ease the process of creating consensus—and ultimately, close the deal.

2. “Show Instead of Tell” with Short Demos through the Buying Process

When prospects reach out with questions, sometimes the best way to answer them is with a quick demo video. Demo videos make up 50.6% of the videos created by sales teams, making it the #1 most valuable type of video for sales. What may take a sales rep 20 minutes to type out may only take a two-minute video to explain verbally with a screen recording of the product. Not only does it save time, but it’s also often a more thorough (and enjoyable) way for prospects to learn. The time is now to upskill your team and get them proficient in video if you haven’t already.

See it in Action

This Vidyard sales representative walks his prospect through a proposal that answers all their questions in a follow-up video email message.

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