Marketing is Never One Size Fits All

ByFrancoise Ardion

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Advertising and marketing is in no way one particular dimensions fits all. Water Top quality companies have to have to seize the prospect to mature as far more families emphasis on excellent h2o.

Here’s the Tale

There’s an previous story about two footwear salespeople who have been sent to a tropical island:

Soon after spending a day going for walks around the island looking for opportunities, the 1st salesperson emailed the dwelling place of work: “Sending my samples back ASAP. No one below wears sneakers.”

The 2nd salesperson also spent the day wanting for customers. Returning to the hotel that evening, salesperson quantity two also despatched an e-mail: “Send me much more samples ASAP. No 1 right here wears footwear!!”

As we go into the post-pandemic globe, the h2o quality sector is poised to continue on developing.

Going Forward

Since of Covid’s effects on our lives – sheltering-in-put, actual physical distancing, reduced journey, unique paying out priorities and additional – purchaser habits have adjusted. Numerous house owners have built enhancements in their houses, which incorporates larger top quality water and air solutions. But other families have not taken the action.

What we learned more than the past several a long time is that 24/7 access to excellent h2o is a big priority.

Many dealerships are searching for ways to change their enterprises to fulfill newly offered buyers with excellent new devices.  Apart from the experimented with and true, there are new selections in guide era. Seem for upgraded technology, like straightforward-to-produce postcard advertising, zoom appointments, new automation technology, and cell apps.

Opportunity for Growth

The base line of this publish is that if your drinking water high-quality organization built it by the difficult times, it can go by means of the roof now.  There is so considerably national consideration on drinking water good quality and the age of institutional drinking water systems. It turns into each homeowner’s, each individual parent’s private obligation to insure good quality drinking water for their people from a private POE or POU perspective.

I am individually hunting ahead to the impending WQA Meeting this April. We’ll be in Booth 857. It will be terrific to see the latest items and products and services in h2o remedy

Stay risk-free and nutritious and at the very same time concentrate on trying to keep your business moving forward in a beneficial route. Soon after all, as the second footwear salesperson acquired at the beginning of this post, if the shoe suits, use it.


Reprinted from Water Top quality Products Magazine, Information Dale’s Advertising Column – March 15, 2022