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Taking a break or going on a holiday is one thing but making an actual relocation move and changing country of residence is another thing entirely. Life as a resident definitely goes beyond going to the pool to chill, taking romantic tours with your partner, or going food and wine tasting. It involves more of getting a job, going grocery shopping to ensure you do not go hungry for the month, engaging in different financial services such as paying the utility bills, and so on. 

Spain has a lot of expats resident in it, as such, it becomes a very attractive location for intending ones. A lot of people believe that it is a perfect place because it already has so many expats living in it. Therefore, they do not bother with taking their time to make investigations about the actual benefits they can derive from it. even equally important, possible reasons why they should probably rethink their decisions. There are companies that offer these services for intending expats but care has to be taken to patronise the right one. Customer review from sites like OpinionesEspana can help to decide and eradicate the fear of patronising the wrong service company.

Why might Spain not be the best option after all?

Getting a job

If you are considering moving to Spain so you can continue your career journey, you must know that it is not an easy journey. Getting a job in Spain is a difficult ride as jobs are not very available in the country.  This is even more true if you cannot speak the official language as communication then becomes more difficult and no one wants to employ someone who he cannot interact with. The rate of unemployment in Spain is considered quite high.

High rate of boredom

It’s quite fun to fantasize about having a lot of time to yourself, doing nothing except going for walks and taking in beautiful nature sights until you find yourself with nothing else to do for months to come. The boredom then starts to set in afterward. Being a non-indigene, there is a limit to the activities you can partake in. being a warm climate country, the sun sometimes does not set till as late as 10 pm, leaving you with a lot of time and nothing to fill it with. 


Spain is known for its extreme paperwork policy. You need to present paperwork for virtually everything you require. This could get really frustrating at some point because what is supposed to be a simple documentation process then becomes a tedious one with a lot of trips and paper works and photocopies involved. there are too many unnecessary formalities with getting things done generally. 

Why Spain can be considered a great option

Asides from these points above, Spain is generally considered a great choice for living because

•    Cost of living there is less when compared to other regions

•    Healthcare is very accessible to the majority of the residents; fee for most

•    The public transport system is well- developed, taking away possible frustrations that might come from this.

•    The locals are generally friendly and warm making you feel more at ease and welcomed.