Key Factors To Consider When Hiring A B2B Market Research Company

When it comes to making business decisions, data is key. Market research is one way to collect data, and when you’re looking to hire a market research company such as Adience market research company, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

So whether you’re looking for information on your target market, competitor analysis, or anything else related to your business, let’s discuss‌ some of the most important factors to consider when hiring a b2b market research company.

1. B2B Experience.

Making sure a B2B market research company is equally skilled at research and how to implement that research to achieve your goals better is the first thing to check when selecting one. They must have a history of delivering outcomes that have a favourable impact on the bottom line. Ineffective execution could make the idea just appear nice on paper.

The easiest way to learn what issues the B2B research company has previously resolved for its clients is to read through some of its case studies. They will be a good fit if you can relate to those problems.

For instance, if you own a transportation or logistics company, find out if the research firm has experience in this area. Investigate the companies they’ve previously worked with and client testimonials.

2. Proactive and Flexible.

A proactive approach and regular communication with you regarding the status of the research are qualities to look for in a b2b market research company. A company that consults internal stakeholders at the start of every project to better understand their research, goods, and business demands.

To become specialists in the customers’ industries, they must also study internal strategy documents, white papers from the sector, and previous research findings.

B2B market research companies ought to be flexible. They should adjust their workings to fit your schedule and should also accommodate the schedules of respondents. So, look for a flexible company.

3. Understands Business Dynamics.

A competent B2B market research company can pinpoint the dynamics of decision-making in a specific sector.

Businesses purchase B2B goods and services in a variety of ways. In certain businesses, the decision-making process is formal, with purchasing committees moving things along. Decisions made elsewhere are more impromptu and unstructured.

Find a research firm whose studies can examine the circumstances of a purchase. Ultimately, this will aid in their research and understanding of the b2b buying process and which qualitative and quantitative methods are best equipped to understand the buyers’ requirements.

4. Effective Market Segmentation.

Market segmentation is an important factor when choosing a B2B research business because it can drive several B2B marketing and sales activities. Examples include targeting clients and prospects, choosing the best channels for interaction, developing content, and other b2b activities.

The biggest obstacle is altering how coworkers perceive the customer. As a result, it requires tremendous caution to win their support for a novel strategy.

Market segmentation isn’t just a theoretical exercise; buyer personas or segments must be applied once created. In addition, the company should be able to create collateral that makes the segments clear, recognisable, and vivid so they can be used regularly.

5. Brand Development Research.

Whether the aim is to build a current or new brand or determine the best brand architecture for several companies, the b2b market research organisation should have expertise in B2B brand development research.

A solid B2B research business should be able to determine the ideal brand positioning and make sure the company can live it daily. That’s because there may be a disconnect that breeds mistrust if a brand’s communications convey one thing while a customer encounters something entirely different while speaking with brand staff.


If you bear these points in mind, hiring a B2B market research company for your enterprise will be simple. These elements are a terrific place to start and may yield more insights as you delve deeper.

The primary criteria should be the B2B research company’s experience and reputation. Never be reluctant to compare quotes from at least 4-5 businesses to choose the best one that can offer dependable service at a reasonable cost.


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