We are not heading to speak about the election.  But, what we are heading to speak about are the two challenges that most likely voters mentioned in surveys as currently being the prime problems the candidates should really address: COVID and the economy.  Of class, the two go hand-in-hand.  

In a way, the inner thoughts that COVID imbues are considerably like the feelings the Great Depression imbued: uncertainty and “will this at any time end?” and “if this finishes, when will it conclusion?”  In a new survey sponsored by American Specific Journey, only about 40% of respondents mentioned that they felt at ease to travel.  Which signifies that 60% are unsure about traveling.  When men and women are unsure, they go into hunker-down manner.

Around 60% to 70% of financial intake will come from the shopper.  No matter whether or not a house is impacted by COVID-related unemployment, the over-outlined uncertainty will direct numerous homes to decrease spending — just in case.  Reduced revenues will guide corporations to go into hunker-down mode . . . demanding fewer workers, which provides to unemployment.  And, we enter a self-reinforcing economic contraction.

Until COVID is contained — whatever that means and how ever that is identified — the financial system will be underneath force.  Among now then, a thing desires to be performed to hold factors afloat.  In quick, this implies 1) retaining customers afloat and 2) holding businesses afloat.  And, when we say “keeping enterprises afloat,” we have to have to realize that about 60% to 70% of economic output and employment comes from small and mid-sized organizations, not from massive firms.  A commitment by the federal government to maintaining things afloat interprets into self-assurance — we reverse the cycle.

In excess of the earlier numerous weeks, there had been negotiations among the our elected leaders in excess of a 2nd stimulus bundle.  Those people negotiations stalled.  But, with the election behind us, we can appear at restarting people negotiations.  Given the latest surge in COVID conditions, it would look that a second stimulus offer has turn out to be an essential — perhaps a offer is minimize in late January.

Turning to “and extra,” elected leaders must figure out that COVID is not heading away at any time shortly.  Their predisposition to “one and done” alternatives will not perform.  Researchers warned of this and we now have what we have.  Lockdowns wipe out firms and ruin careers — some permanently.  So, we have to have to deploy answers that are sustainable and avoid lockdowns — tactics that we adhere to indefinitely but that allow for us to carry out company, function, and stay our life.  That will restore assurance, that will jumpstart small business, and that will put individuals back again to do the job.

Bo claims, “Just do it.”