Google is updating its Display and Video 360 Account Level Suspensions policy

This month Google is updating its policy regarding Display and Video 360 suspensions at the account level.

The following update was provided by Google and is available on their Advertising Policies Help page.

In December 2022, Google will update the Disapprovals and suspensions page so that there is a dedicated policy article for Display & Video 360. The dedicated policy page will specify that violation of the following policies will lead to an advertiser’s account suspension:

  • Circumventing systems
  • Coordinated deceptive practices
  • Counterfeit
  • Promotion of unauthorized pharmacies
  • Unacceptable business practices
  • Trade Sanctions violation
  • Sexually explicit content

The new policy page will also detail that a partner account will be suspended if advertisers within the partner have repeatedly or predominantly engaged in egregious policy violations.

Both partners and advertisers will be entitled to appeal account suspensions, and a link to the appeals form will be included in the new article.

Why we care. Display and Video 360 partners should ensure that their ads comply with the new policies so their accounts are not suspended or in violation.

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