Chandan Khaitan, Chief Executive Officer, One Muthoot.

One Muthoot, a fintech start-up backed by Muthoot Pappachan Group (MPG), is in the process of launching a multi-product financial services platform (app and website) for customers. The platform will enable them to avail lending, investment, insurance, and remittance products in one place.

“With this launch, we will be able to serve millions of existing MPG customers as well as new customers,” said Chandan Khaitan, Chief Executive Officer, One Muthoot. “Our multi-product platform combines traditional and modern approaches, helping existing as well as newly acquired customers in every aspect of their financial journey.”

He added, “We will be phygital in our approach, wherein customers can experience our service through our app/website as well as 5,600+ MPG branches across the country. Our aim will be to be the one-stop solution for all financial needs of customers, both individual as well as MSME.”

The One Muthoot platform will offer lending (gold loan, personal loan, business loan, 2W loan and housing loan); investment (digital gold); insurance and remittance (forex, money transfer and bill payment) products.

Home service

Through the app, customers can apply for a gold loan and one of the representatives will reach the home to evaluate the gold with minimal documentation. This eliminates friction in the loan application process.

In addition, the customer’s gold will be stored at the nearest Muthoot FinCorp branch. This allows the customers to visit the nearest branch if they wish to change anything or check on their gold.

“We are looking at acquiring a million new customers by the end of 2023,” he said.

Khaitan added that the focus would be to constantly improve the way the company serves the customers through its multilingual platform, WhatsApp and digitally-enabled interaction, and a data science-driven product recommendation for each customer.

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