Elon Musk's Twitter To Perform 'Robot Checks' On Users Before Unlocking All Features

Twitter is planning first to verify if there’s a human behind an account before unlocking all features. 

What Happened: Twitter is working to ensure there’s a human behind an account before unlocking features like sending Direct Messages to people without getting filtered, said developer Alessandro Paluzzi sharing a screenshot on the platform.   

Paluzzi further stated that this new development will be “tested sooner or later.”

Twitter did not immediately respond to Benzinga’s request for comments. 

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Why It’s Important: Last week, Twitter chief Elon Musk said that the platform is currently “purging a lot of spam/scam accounts.” According to Musk, the step could result in users losing some followers. 

In addition, the microblogging site introduced a feature to let users add a “confirmed phone number” mark. Although, it is yet to be confirmed if this development could help differentiate between authentic users and bots. 

Before acquiring Twitter, Musk had publicly stated that defeating bots would be a priority and they’ll beat the spam bots or die trying. 

However, Musk’s fight against fake accounts, impersonators and spammers hasn’t been all positive. In fact, many advertisers are left skeptical about Musk’s leadership due to a barrage of verified-but-fake-accounts impersonating brands and other “legacy verified” accounts. 

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