International Media Investments has signed a deal with CNN International Commercial to launch an Arabic-language business website using the cable network’s name.

Officially known as CNN Business Arabic, the site will be run by both companies and focus on news surrounding business, finance and the economy, including both regional news and headlines from around the globe.

The site will serve the MENA region, short for the Middle East and North Africa, and draw on CNN’s worldwide resources for content.

The agreement only calls for creating a website, not a television channel, and is expected to launch in the fourth quarter of 2022.

For a logo, the iconic CNN lettering is placed, as it often is, in a bold red box followed by the venture’s name in Arabic. The look borrows the teal-green upward-pointing arrow that CNN Business U.S. uses.

CNN already operates an Arabic-language news site at, which is being billed as a “complementary platform” to the new site.

The network, which is owned by Warner Bros. Discovery, has deals with several other global media companies that reached audiences around the globe. In some cases, CNN is involved in the day-to-day operations of the venture, while in other cases it’s more of a licensing agreement to use the network name.

CNN also operates its own English-language international television feed.