B2B Reads: Resilience Rituals, Making Stress Work for you, Strategic Planning and more.

In addition to our Sunday App of the Week feature, we also summarize some of our favorite B2B sales & marketing posts from around the web each week. We’ll miss a ton of great stuff, so if you found something you think is worth sharing please add it to the comments below.

15 Ways the B2B Influencer Marketing Industry is Changing [Infographic] by Andrew Hutchinson
This infographic from Top Rank Marketing outlines key insights from its “B2B Influencer Marketing Report You can download the full report here.

3 Resilience Rituals to Help You Beat Stress and Recharge Your Energy by Adam Markel
Here are three resilience rituals that will help you regenerate in ways that increase your longevity, capacity and sustainability.

Social Media Trends 2023 (8th Edition) by Talkwalker
From insight to action: how to disrupt a disruptive consumer. The report reveals the 10 trends that will be critical next year, along with data-driven insights into why these trends matter most.

We’re All Stressed.  Here’s How to Make it Work for You by Justin Louis
Columbia Professor Modupe Akinola is an expert on how to harness stress to become an advantage in business and life.  She believes it’s possible to turn bad stress into a positive in both business and life – you just need the right tools.

How to make corporate mindfulness more than a leadership cliché by Manoj Gupta
At its core, mindfulness is rooted in the awareness of yourself, the world and the people around you. Until managers face this reality and make the necessary changes, they’ll be on the losing side of the Great Resignation.

My Best Advice on Strategic Planning by John Spence
Successful Strategy = Valued Differentiation x Disciplined Execution John shares 4 criteria for a solid foundation for your plan.

Do you have the kind of power that really matters?  by Alaina Love
Strong, effective leadership requires vigilance, a commitment to constant self-examination and improvement and an appreciation for your larger impact on others. Scheduling a daily practice of reflection and journaling on your own use of power is an important place to start.

Sales Negotiation Strategies for Win-Win Outcomes by Amy Franko
Sales is a multi-step process, and one of the most critical steps along the way is to earn commitments that optimize our odds of winning the business AND best serving the client. This includes negotiating well and ultimately asking for the business.

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