5 Recession-Proof Skills You Should Have

The word on everyone’s lips now is that the United States is heading towards a recession.

Inflation has eroded the purchasing power of the people and the investor confidence has been when leading to stock market shake-ups that have left a lot of people apprehensive.

Like many others, you may be preparing your mind for a recession, and you may be wondering what recession-proof skills you should have to enable you to get through this season.

While the recession is never what anyone hopes for, it is still a stark reality that once in a while a recession will happen.

This recession may have been expected due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic which that left a lot of countries nonproductive for a while. It has also been exacerbated by the Russia-Ukrainian war.

I am a stay-at-home mom whose job is to teach you how to make money from home.

So I may not be the one to analyze the implications of what is happening or going to happen in the future.

My job here is to help you to navigate the times we are in, so you can come out on top, recession or no recession.

One of the best things I have come to know about the different seasons there are in life is that the best way to get yourself out of the rut is to invest in acquiring the skills needed for the time you live in.

For some, it is often a slow process of realizing that their skills have become obsolete and they need to revamp, for some it happened quickly and they are able to switch and make the necessary adjustments.

Today I will share 5 skills that are recession-proof.

If you already have these skills, you will learn how to use them now, if not, I will teach you how you can learn a new skill quickly and be on your way to making money.

So what are the recession-proof skills that you should have in order to best this recession if it comes? here they are

Top 5 Recession-Proof Skills That Can Help You Thrive In a Recession

1. Blogging

Blogging is about sharing information that is helpful to others and creating products that are beneficial.

I chose Blogging as my number one recession-proof skill because it is a knowledge-based skill.

No matter what is happening to the economy, the one thing I am sure of is that people will look for information on how to change their lives change their position, or even start a new life altogether.

Information marketing which is basically what blogging is about will always be a recession-proof skill because people seek knowledge when they cannot understand what is happening.

I remember when the COVID-19 hit, while a lot of o people were concerned about their jobs, I had a huge number of people coming to a post I wrote about what to do during a pandemic.

That post alone increased my traffic by more than 50%.

This goes to show that in times of uncertainty, people look for information to know how to position themselves.

So if you know how to blog, you will certainly find that you will be making money during the recession.

While you may want to know if all types of blogging will make money this season, I am here to say no, not all types of Blogs will make money.

Why is this so? because even though people are seeking information, they are not seeking every type of information, they are actually looking for information that is helpful to the situation they are in.

So what types of blogs will make money this season? Here are some

  • Financial Knowledge
  • Home business
  • How to save money
  • Graduate school blogs
  • Thrifting, saving, and couponing
  • Home-made meals blog
  • Pre-owned fashion

These are a few types of blogs that will be making money in a recession because they offer the type of information that people will be seeking.

Want to learn how to start a blog, join my blogging BootCamp, I will be teaching my participants how to start a blog that makes money.

2. Digital Marketing

Marketing department is one of the first departments that take a hit when there is any major economic downturn, so I get it if you have marketing skills and you are saying she doesn’t know what she is saying.

There are certain types of digital marketing skills that may not make money in a recession.

For example, if your digital marketing is tilting heavily towards FB advertisements and Instagram Ads, you are more likely not to make money since FB as is has become very expensive even for small businesses. The type of digital marketing skills that are likely to make money in this season are

  • Email marketing
  • Content Marketing- blogpost, Tiktok, Youtube
  • Copywriting

Why will these be the marketing skills that will make money now? because they are low cost and last longer, plus business owners want to use small budgets to bring in the most money for their business?

3. Web Designing

Are you someone that is tech-averse or maybe you are not so sure about finding out your foot in the tech world? a simple way to start is to acquire some web design skills.

Web designing is surely a recession-proof skill because it ties in to what people may likely require during a recession.

When a recession hits, businesses look for ways to cut costs by moving a lot of their business activities online.

Some businesses may have to completely close their physical stores and remain online so as to save on the cost of renting.

Web design skills will be required because anyone that wants to be visible online will need a website.

If you have web design skills already then you’re sure to ride the wave. If however, you do not have any web design skills and you want to learn quickly, we are ready to help you.

I have a bouquet course that is designed to teach 3 different types of web design that you can learn and start making money immediately. Here is are the courses

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This course was designed to teach you how to create a Shopify store for yourself or for your customers. One thing we are certain that happens during a recession is that people lose jobs, when they lose jobs they often start businesses online– because it is cheaper.

Learning how to build Shopify stores for customers in a recession will be a good money maker for you. It is a skill that is worth having if you are looking for a recession-proof skill.

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Wix Simplified

if you want a quick web design skill that you can learn in 3 days and start making money immediately, the Wix simplified course is what you should take. With this web design skill, you can learn how to build a website in 3 days.

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This course was built to help a newbie like you gain digital skills that are recession-proof and endure for a long time. Like seriously, when are we never going to use a website for one thing or the other.

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4. Financial Advisor

If there is anything people worry about during a recession, it is their finances, if you have financial advice or investing skills, this is the time to set up a consulting firm to help people with their finances.

Becoming a financial advisor is considered one of the recession-proof skills because it becomes a burning issue once people learn that the economy is changing.

People will be looking to financial advisers to know what type of investment thye should be putting their money into right now.

Financial advising is a recession-proof skill because demand goes up with the downturn of an economy.

5.Medical Skills

Whether there is a recession or not, medical needs remain constant, and people who are ill will go to the hospital no matter how recessive the economy is.

If you have any health-related skills, you are likely not to feel the impact of the recession. For example nurses, doctors, health pracitioner will continue to work.

If you’re working in these sectors you may not be worried but what if you are out of job and need to get into this sector what do you do?.

You can choose to be a medical freelance writer, this is something that you can learn easily to make money in a recession, you can also learn to be a pharmacy technician or a medical coder or a billing technician


To thrive during a recession you must first have the skills required to tide you over.

Understanding how to navigate a recession starts with knowing what people require, getting a some recession-proof skills is the best way to prepare yourself for what is to come.

Recessions does not have to be difficult for you, you can flip it and make it the best times for you and your family.

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